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Our mission is to help you transform your body at a cellular level with a unique super ingredient, HMB (βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate). The multi-patented proprietary HMB formulation has been studied over the past three decades by scientists, physicians and leaders in the medical field, and supports the muscles that support you.

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"I was originally drawn to the brand because of how revolutionary the product is - with its HMB-infused water. It is a big part of my recovery and development as a professional athlete. The company not only has a game changing product, but the company has a tremendous team behind it that has built a true culture."

- Johnny Townsend, nfl punter

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HMB (βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate) supports the muscles that support you by maximizing protein synthesis your body needs to support lean muscle development, reduce muscle soreness and boost recovery times post exercise. Learn more about the proprietary and multi-patented myHMB® Clear formulation.

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Our natural spring water is bottled at the source located on 1,700 acres of Adirondack wilderness and contains naturally occurring electrolytes including magnesium, calcium and sodium. 

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    2 ice age aquifers
    5 natural springs
    1,700 acres of protected wilderness

  • Integrated Manufacturing


    10k square foot facility
    4 bottle lines
    Blow every bottle on site

  • Our sustainability pledge


    100% recycled PET
    less plastic, less waste
    and more peace of mind

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