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What is HMB?

HMB stands for (βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate), which is naturally produced in our bodies during the metabolism of the essential amino acid leucine. Leucine is a part of the food chain - we consume it every day in foods like tofu, soy, milk, cheese, poultry, beef and fish*. Some proteins have more leucine than others; however, it is difficult if not impossible to consume enough protein through supplementation or a healthy
diet alone to achieve the effective amount of HMB your body needs.

*Extensive list of food containing leucine

How do we get leucine (bi-product HMB)?

Less than 5% of dietary leucine* (found in all protein) is converted to HMB in the body. To get an effective amount of HMB, a person would have to consumer 2400 calories / day
to get 600g of high-quality protein
** (13 oz chicken filets or 35 servings of yogurt), which is not possible. HMB is 10-20x more effective at preventing muscle breakdown than leucine and helps dictate leucine’s impact on the way the body synthesizes protein***.

*Extensive list of food containing Leucine.
**1g protein = 4 calories
*** Giron et al., 2016

How does myHMB® Clear work?

HMB improves muscle mass and recovery after physical exertion through its unique
dual-action of increasing protein synthesis and decreasing protein breakdown.


*Decreasing Muscle Protein Breakdown. HMB decreases protein breakdown by disrupting proteolysis through the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway (a major enzymatic pathway for protein breakdown in muscle). This process helps to blunt muscle damage and recover faster.

**Increasing Muscle Protein Synthesis. HMB stimulates muscle protein synthesis through multiple mechanisms, including the mTOR pathway. While the initiation of myofibrillar protein synthesis is influenced by multiple factors, mTOR is a key regulatory factor that results in a direct increase in myofibrillar protein synthesis. Myofibrillar proteins make
up the contractile apparatus in muscles. HMB helps maintain this by increasing the phosphorylation of mTOR, thus activating the mTOR signaling pathway in muscle which stimulates the initiation of protein synthesis in the muscle. And HMB also works on decreasing myofibrillar protein degradation.

Why should I drink myHMB® Clear?

To maintain a health quality of life and mobility, it is crucial to maintain muscle integrity. HMB improves muscle mass and recovery after physical exertion through its unique dual-action of increasing protein synthesis and decreasing protein breakdown. Recognized experts at major universities have been conducting HMB research on animals and humans for three decades. In these studies*, HMB was found to have several beneficial effects, including producing better results faster from intense exercise. 

*Currently, there are about 50 human clinical studies traceable to TSI’s myHMB®, and myHMB® has been discussed in about 100 review articles, and10 meta-analyses, which have been published as peer-reviewed papers, and there are still more ongoing studies with HMB.

How often should I take myHMB® Clear?

You should consume HMB daily. The recommended dosage is 3g per day for average-size individuals. If you want to “customize” your dosage, research has shown that 38 mg/s body weight each day is optimal. CHART HERE

Wilson et al., 2014 showed
that consuming 3g of HMB for 12 weeks increased lean body mass by 250% (7.3kg) and strength by 200% when compared to placebo and resistance training alone.

How long will it take for me to see results from myHMB® Clear?

Studies show that measurable increases in strength and prevention for overtraining
occur in only a couple of weeks; however, it will most likely take three or four weeks to produce results that will also be noticed by friends and coworkers depending upon the level of training and overall training status.

What can I expect from taking myHMB® Clear?

In clinical studies, HMB users have consistently improved strength, reduced muscle
damage, and have also improved body composition with exercise when compared
with placebo test subjects. Research suggests that HMB as a supplement also provides benefits to runners, cyclists, and other endurance training individuals because it helps increase oxygen intake (Vo2 max) and allows these athletes to exercise longer at a higher capacity.



Why myHMB® Clear ’s water-soluble format?

Water is the most effective delivery mechanism for the body to experience the benefits of HMB. Nirvana infuses a licensed and patented formulation, myHMB® Clear, into mountain spring water for maximum absorption in the body, to achieve a higher peak and greater concentration of HMB in the blood, leading to better utilization and maximum benefits.

Why add vitamin D3 to the myHMB® Clear formulation?

When HMB and Vitamin D3 are combined it optimizes the effectiveness of HMB. A year-long, double-blind study conducted by the researchers at Iowa State University and Des Moines University funded by NIH* also found HMB and Vitamin D3 improved muscle function in older adults, even without exercise.


Are there any risks to athletes' status with athletic organization by taking HMB?

myHMB® does not contain any banned substances in accordance with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

Is drinking myHMB® Clear safe?

Yes. HMB has undergone extensive clinical studies conducted to specifically evaluate the safety of HMB at several dose-levels, and no negative side effects have
been recorded in either men or women. A summary of the effects of HMB on hematology, emotional profile, and adverse effects as measured in nine clinical studies showed only positive effects on cholesterol (7percent decrease) and
blood pressure (4.4 mm of Hg decrease)*.


Is myHMB® Clear safe for everyone?

We advice you to consult a physician before consuming HMB if you are pregnant or lactating, an individual with any known medical problems and/or under the age of 18, as there hasn’t been safety studies conducted with those demographic groups.