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Why myHMB® Clear’s Formulation


To achieve optimal Muscle Wellness, HMB needs to be replenished.

HMB (β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate) is a naturally-produced substance in your body that supports muscle health. It is derived from the metabolism of the essential amino acid leucine. Young or old, your body is producing muscle protein and breaking down muscle protein. As we age, the rate of muscle protein breakdown begins to overtake the rate of muscle protein production. HMB slows that rate of breakdown, but it’s produced in your body in precious amounts and depletes after exercise and as you age.

Why our myHMB® Clear format?

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  • HMB Benefits

    Water is the most effective delivery mechanism for the body to experience the benefits of HMB

  • Infused Formulation

    Nirvana infuses a licensed and patented formulation, myHMB® Clear, into mountain spring water for maximum absorption in the body, to achieve a higher peak and greater concentration of HMB in the blood, leading to better utilization and maximum benefits

  • Certifications

    myHMB® Clear is certified kosher and halal. In addition, non-GMO, gluten free, allergen free, and vegan (not of animal origin) enabling safe use in populations with dietary restrictions.

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