natural spring water

roaring from two ice age aquifers

what makes nirvana so rare?

bottled fresh at the source.

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    ice age aquifers
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    natural springs
  • 1700
    acres of protected adirondack wilderness


a rare pocket of wilderness

At the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains are 1,700 acres of protected wilderness. Beyond the meadows and wildflowers, through thousands of pines, are five natural springs gushing with the best tasting water on Earth. Nirvana spring water.

Nirvana is bottled exclusively from these springs, fed by two extraordinary ice age aquifers expanding for miles deep underground.


spring water from ice age aquifers

Nirvana flows deep beneath the earth through two ice age aquifers. For over a billion years, this natural force has fed the Black River. When the River has its fill, the water still flowing underneath, collides with limestone bedrock, launching it toward the earth and forming natural springs.

This is where we bottle Nirvana. At its source, untouched by human hands.


how water should taste.

Every drop is bottled fresh from our springs, and at its natural 42° temperature. Nirvana is naturally high in calcium and low in sodium and is also bromate-free. Delicious and healthy spring water.


natural spring water now infused with transformative science with life-enhancing benefits

for everybody. every body.

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